With a solid experience acquired over the years, as well as a perfect mastery of the land, Inmo-Invest benefits from an unquestionable reputation among urban engineers, whether in Spain or Greece, where the majority of its real estate projects are located. Inmo-Invest has succeeded in its bet: to achieve a high rate of return while maintaining a good security, both on the cost of construction and on the price of the land. This strategy has propelled it to one of the first places on the podium of urban development. Inmo-Invest carries out real estate projects in several sectors of activity, focusing on the acquisition, construction and redevelopment of residential and commercial properties. With strategic attention to detail and the environment, Inmo-Invest is backed by a commitment to quality.

From the search for new development and investment opportunities to project planning, financial analysis, partnership structuring and fund raising, Inmo-Invest manages the entire development process to obtain substantial and secure returns on investment for our partners and investors.

Inmo-Invest uses a set of guiding principles aimed at low-volatility, high-return investments, resulting in strong performance throughout the project business cycle.

Our portfolio is mainly composed of assets for real estate developments. We locate assets based on the potential profitability of their investment volume and needs. We also carry out a detailed analysis of the urban, technical and legal circumstances of the asset.

Our partners are concerned with social impact, sustainable design and a constant return on investment. They invest capital in opportunities for preferential returns, equity and loans to participate in new construction and high value-added projects in key markets in Spain and Greece.

Our success in real estate has fueled our growth and strengthened our strategic partnerships. We oversee the entire process from development to commercialization of each project. Prior to this, we conduct an in-depth market analysis of the market, risks and benefits, as well as the deployment of capital to meet or exceed investment objectives.
The marketing, sales and leasing of our portfolio are managed directly by our marketing and sales team from start to finish. Strategically, we rely on an in-depth knowledge of industry analysis and trends to maximize market share and optimize absorption. In the pre-development phase, our marketing team works with the planning architects, developer and partners to design the property based on current demands.


Inmo Invest provides development management and project management services without recourse to third parties.
Inmo Invest manages the entire process from site search to design, planning, construction, marketing and sales.



Inmo Invest is established in Spain and Greece and has a perfect command of the knowledge needed to carry out ambitious projects. Surrounded by the best partners, it is a promoter renowned for its exceptional projects.


Inmo Invest participates in the economic development of Spain by carrying out large-scale projects that boost the country’s economy.

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Inmo Invest develops projects in association
with the largest group of renowned architects in Greece.

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One of the largest luxury projects on the island of Kea. A rare investment opportunity on one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

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