Greece has had a successful presence in the European Council negotiations and has obtained an excellence aid package in 2020 of around 70 billion euros, 32 billion euros from the NGEU and 38 billion euros from the CFP.

In August, the investment company Hines formed a joint venture with the Greek National Bank to develop the new Gazi Outlet shopping center. In fact, Greece recorded 446.08 million euros of investment in commercial real estate in the first half of 2019 alone, more than the total annual volumes for each of the last three years.

Growth rates in real estate sales in central Athens have been significant. In the second quarter of 2020 the price per m2 was around 2600 Euro with a 3.90% increase for the same date in 2019.

The real estate market has had or created investment opportunities, but with the new conditions, the available investment funds will no longer be the same.

It is on the basis of its information that Inmo Parck Invest is continuously investing in projects in Greece, such as the Athens Gold One or the Piraeus Gold, very ambitious development projects in strategic areas.

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