Inmo Invest designs real estate projects focusing on the acquisition and redevelopment of first-class residential and commercial properties. Its experience and perfect mastery of the field have made it famous among urban engineers in Spain and Greece where the majority of the projects realized by the firm to date are represented.

This is also what allows him to achieve particularly high yields. A flawless management of construction costs as well as a precise analysis of acquisition prices and land quality are the keys to the success of its projects.

Experience in development, investment,
ownership and management of high quality and highly diversified real estate assets

Our products

Inmo Invest provides management services for the development of real estate projects without recourse to third parties and manages the entire process, from the search for sites to the design, planning, construction, marketing and sale to the final customer.

“Our real estate developments are of human size, between 8 and 15 units per project. In order to allow a better proximity with our clients. Listening to our clients’ requirements while offering a tailor-made service is one of our priorities.
With a strategic attention to detail and a commitment to quality and sustainable development, Inmo Invest is proud of its vast portfolio of projects, managed by experts. Over the years, our talent has demonstrated the success of our prestigious portfolio of properties and revealed a very flourishing long-term perspective”.

International presence

To consolidate its status as a leader in the field of construction, management and real estate development, Inmo Invest must be on the ground of operations. Thus, building teams of qualified professionals native of the country of implantation is essential to master all the aspects of the realization of a real estate project. For the last 2 years, Inmo Invest has particularly focused on Greece which offers significant opportunities of return, in the heart of the capital city in Athens.

As an international firm, Inmo-Invest is not however limited to the European zone and aims to grow through the next projects planned in the United States in Florida and in the Emirates in Dubai. Responding to the needs of the clients with a strong commitment to them and offering permanent assistance are practices that are honored at Inmo Invest and are our guarantee of longevity.

The perpetual search for new emerging destinations with high potential is the best way to ensure the sustainability of its portfolio and to always offer the best opportunities to its clients.


Quality of service

Inmo invest is proud to present its achievements and to preserve the trust of its clients, suppliers, banks and state institutions. The firm hires the most respected and experienced professionals in the management, construction and home building industry in each country where it implements its projects. The best professionals from the Costa Del Sol and Athens have been mobilized to guarantee the perfect implementation of its latest projects. The partners are hand-picked: architects, builders, engineers, control office, all are chosen for their brilliant experience and professionalism. The best brands are also solicited to achieve a finished product of excellence. The company maintains relationships of trust with all parties involved in the development of a project: clients, bank, notary and professional technical teams.


Inmo Invest develops real estate projects with between 8 and 15 units, mainly in Athens and the Greek Cyclades, as well as in the region of the Costa Del Sol where the company is headquartered. This allows it to be very involved in the design and construction of each of its projects, and to be present for its clients by listening to them and adapting to their needs.

The firm has been taken with affection for this beautiful region that is the Costa Del Sol, especially Marbella. This part of the Costa Del Sol has developed a lot in the last 10 years, and today it is a residential area in great demand. Inmo Invest wants to participate as much as possible in this positive development by preserving the environment and the quality of life of the region. At the top of its enthusiasm is certainly the Cyclades project in Greece where it has deployed all its efforts to achieve this sublime operation. In view of the enthusiasm and strong demand for this type of product, a branch has been opened in the center of Athens with RE/MAX HABITAT as a partner, in order to further increase proximity to the end customer.


Acquisitions and Pre-Development

Inmo Parck Invest manages the whole development process in order to obtain substantial returns on investment for its partners and investors.

  • Process of buying plots,
  • Empowerment and urbanization,
  • Determination of market potential,
  • Search for new development and investment opportunities,
  • Definition of the project,
  • Construction and management process,
  • Project planning,
  • Financial and feasibility analysis,
  • Structuring of partnerships,
  • Fundraising,
  • Positioning, marketing, commercialization.

A state-of-the-art business platform and a versatile and talented workforce are responsible for the success of the impressive portfolio of assets held by Inmo Invest.

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