The buildings, with a total area of 600 square meters, will be able to produce 14 studios (about 40 square meters) with all comfort and high standing. They will be assigned to long-term rentals.

Construction of a residential building with 14 apartments spread over 6 floors, built on the existing foundations. The project is composed in 3 stages: Restructuring and restoration of the foundations, layout of the concept and the addition of a building volume of several floors, to create a common building of 6 floors.
The foundations of the existing building will be reinforced, a 20 cm thick concrete mantle will be established to reinforce the building, as required by the building regulations. Space for the installation of solar panels will also be provided. The frames of the building will be thermally insulated with energy efficient glazing.

Each apartment will be built in accordance with the energy-efficient standards of rank A+ and with robust and quality materials.

Characteristics of the project

  • Location : Piraeus – Greece
  • Estimated end of construction : 2022
  • Type : Residential real estate
  • Valuation : +22% on resale

  • Energy Rank : A+++
  • Special feature : 2-year purchase option

  • Average price per sqm : 2375€

  • Average price per studio : 95000€

Geographic Area

Piraeus in Attica
Piraeus is the main port of Athens and the departure point for travelers to the Aegean islands. Piraeus is one of the largest ports in the world for passenger traffic (estimated at twelve million passengers). It is also the territory of many students, especially because of its proximity to the city of Athens but especially to the great European University of Piraeus, which welcomes no less than 58,000 students from all over the world.
3 new metro stations will be built at the beginning of 2022, including Maniatica, 20 meters from the project.

+ Rental market : The real estate value of the sector is constantly increasing, due to a significant demand for long-term rentals from the student world.
+ Financial advantage : The tenants themselves pay the property tax.


Minimum required financing: 1.900 000 EUR
Included : Purchase – rehabilitation – furnishing – taxes – fees and charges – strategic sheet constitution and implementation – construction and realization – rental management.


  1. Purchase of the buildings and design of the project.
  2. Realization and construction.
  3. Rental of the apartments over a period of 3 years.
  4. Resale of the apartments.


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